Friday, November 13, 2009


Do u hv any goood memories which u wish wud cums bck??

I do..many actuali ...

D memories dt i hv there's dis one which i afraid will nt cums bck.
its gone forever.

Theres a period of abt 2 mths when we r sooooo haaapy.
Do our work happily, settle watever "shit" cums smoothly
At d end of the day all jobs are completed

Its soo damn happening...cum to work wit a clear mind.soo xcited & eager to reach workplc
Its dammmn busy wit d calls dn wit d "shit" stuffs but still we manage


But den all shatters,crash into pieces wen tsunami step in....

Hmmm those good days will no longer b bck unless d tsunami goes off...
D Tsunami i m referin to is a act pretty , iron lady n i called her "BIMBO"

I m nt tryin to anyhw judge ppl...i noe i dun hv d rite. even judges in high court dun hv d rite

Y i called her "Bimbo" errrmmm coz shes ok la quuuite prety if compared wit me but her brain,ideas,opinions,views, sugestion evrytin which cums frm her either no link or bullshit

Shes self centered & oways tink shes perrrrrfect. Oh gosh...!! She made more errors/mistakes as us. D errors/mistakes she made sum of tem r soo lame. she cn forget to book order for customers...,she cn book d wrong one for cust. den in d end we hv to clear it all for her & she wud proudly,happily walk out of office and say "BYE GALS CYA TOMORO"

To me 9 -6 pm no choice ...shes d boss..but aft 1800pm u r a no one to me. Dts me...wen i hate sum1 but i cnt avoid or stop frm mitin ..... i wud d firm wit myself dt oni durin office hrs i noe u but aft dt sad to say i dun noe u.

I m nt perfect times or most of d times do wrong tings...makin stupid mistakes but plsss la dun act good. I noe my strength & weakness.

Dis memory r shared wit my dearest sum1...hope if d person read dis will noe. Soo sad dt d good old days r gooooone.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yest @1815pm theres dis stupid wasting my time training @ work. conduct by wu else d bimbo. its abt self esteem & apreciation. while doin d trainin sum1 came to my mind
aiyoo too bad la d person is nt ard as she hv to atend sum matters aft work. dts y nw me typin dis....
ha...ha!!! dis pix & many more reminds me of d gooood ,happenin old days. Dis is my dearest noisiest stuborn fun coleague. Shes 19 but errrmmmm d way her brain works r nt like 19. Learn lots frm her. hee...heee!!! :)
if U asked me wu i apreciate @ office it wud b her.
Sharon is her name. Noisy is her nicname. Hee...heee :>
Y i apreciate her??? hmm good qns.
she hv d iniative to ask me qns which she oooways make me feel at ease & at times hug her (as a big sister la)
"lynn anytin for me to do?"
"lynn wan anytin frn cheers/7 eleven?"
"lynn u wan choc?"
"u hungry rite... wan anytin to eat?"
Above r sum of d qns which she ooways ask. oways assist me wit my work evntho she may not noe wts its abt. hee..heee!!
wen i m feelin dwn she wud b d one wu try to cheer me doin her funi fc or joke or phrases.
i m soo comfortable, happy workin wit her. i hope she is too.
Workin wit her is a 100% ok wit me as long as sum1 (d bimbo) didnt cum into d pic. i m nt good at words..seerious so at times i reali wana sho sharon dt i apreciate her & happy havin her as both my coleague & fren...but i dun hw to sho it to her.
my kindness & goodness to her is sincere & true. no pretends or fake. i hope she treat & c me as her fren nt only as coleague. she luuuv takin pic...hmmm so long nvr camwhorin wit her.
a new coleague came in...hmmm dun noe her yet & i doubt dt i cn trust her as hw i trust noisy gal. its nt d same.
i do hv ode frens(outside) wu i m cloz wit too. noisy gal noes wu d person is as she often saw me go lunch wit d person.i m thankful dt i noe noisy gal & at d same time hv my besfren cum sis in law.
u ever heard of racist??? i was afraid dt noisy gal was one of tem.hee...hee but thank god she isnt.
she share her outings wit her frens/boyfren....hmmmm intrestins frens she hv.
wat amaze me most was wen she tryin to do deco for bdae party for her fren. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
she go to google & take a look at d deco...
she realy make d effort to do some research on d deco as she wans d whoever bdae to b a bashin,happening & memorable.
very seldom u wud find/noe sum1 like her.
awae i m nt praisin her up to d sky... but watever stated above is abt my views on her. she does hv weakness... ermmmm like her short temper at times. but so far i m cool wit it
may d frenship last...............................

Friday, October 30, 2009



wat wud b d first ting cross ur mind
long term..short term...sincered...pretend...

to me frienship means sum1 wu i cn rely term
to share any hapiness & hardship. a shoulder to cry on....

i do hv many frens....gals..guys..
i was sooo naive in believing dat they r my frens......
but they are oni frens for laughters ...

hmmmm....nw i hv frens wu i cn rely on...ppl wu R myyyy frens.

who i wud remember their birthdays...,sen tem flowers or get well wishes wen tey r sick.

i do treasure tem & apreciate tem....... to my sis in law cum besfren...coleague (sharon)...u both R myyyyy frens. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


hmmm... notin much to blog abt.
lately work errrmm as usual. d tick tock still went on
d actress ?hmm she is still here. still wit her dumb,boring acting
frm 1-10 i will rate her hmm zero

oways try to iritate ppl
cnt c odes work hapily in peace
sure hv sumtin to poke around


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Oh my gosh!!!!! y cnt she juz sit dwn mind her own stuff & stop... juz stop addin in stupid task or unnecesary tings to do. meeeting, training.....wat is dt for.
none of it will b done. as if shes prefect.
excuse meee.....look whos tokin. she makes worst errors,mistakes den odes.
cn even deny makin one.
i reali do hate & cross out pretenders, hypocrites in my frens listing.

i myself is nt prefect.
no one is prefect.
bt dun b a nuthead person.
act dt u r perfect here..... oh pleeeeazzzzzzzz....